A Sky Full of Stars✨

You know those days where you want to escape the whole wide world and all of its endless theories and stories and metaphors and just run away to your own little corner where there is a blanket on the rooftop and a cup of hot cocoa and just you. Maybe a little Coldplay in the background or even Ed Sheeran. And its just you and Your Starry night and its yours to take. 

       Yeah, Im in need of one of those. Take me to a rooftop and count the stars with me because as much as I’d like to do it alone, I’d love to have You with me. 


An Open Letter. 

I dont appreciate you stomping in and out as you please. I dont appreicate being taken granted for because thats not how I treat everyone around me. I dont appreciate being a back up option or a “maybe sometime”. I am here and I am as good as anybody else even though I dont see how that even matters because they’re all gonna be better than me at something and Im okay with that most days even though it gets to me on some but thats not the point. The point is that Im here and I was always here and I dont know how you failed to see that; how you continually fail to see that. That I am here and I will do what I can. But its like I didnt even exist and you went onto your own away the second you left and I am not okay with that. I expect getting the kind of treatment that I deserve and frankly, I deserve better. 

So if you wanna pretend like we all never existed.. then tell me. Tell me and I’ll probably go cry for a few weeks but atleast I’ll know. And if not well.. what are you waiting for?