Round and Round and Round and Round We Go. 

Here’s the thing about people who give alot, we dont expect alot. We dont do things out of the expectation that we will get something or anything in return. We dont do things because we know that we will be praised and we will be famed for it. We dont do things that take a lot of our energy or time, but we do them. We do tons of them and we do them because the truest form of our being is to do things out of our way for others just because we want to. Its the feeling of pure satisfaction that we are doing this for. We do this because friendship for us isnt presents and jewels, its taking time out of our own and making time for others, being there in other’s darkest hour; no matter how bad of a time we are going through. The thing is that this is what eases our pain, being there for others. Being there with others for the hell that they are facing because that sometimes puts our definiton of hell into perspective. We do this for others without any sense of pride for ourselves. We do it because we love to and when people have walked over us time and time again and we finally decide to put our foot down and decide to stop being there for everyone, we are lying to ourselves. We can’t for the life of it do that. We can’t push people away and NOT be there for them. Its just not who we are or who we can magically become one fine day. 


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