Words Unsaid.

“Tell me something beautiful.” She whispered as they lay under the covers, bodies curled into one another to the point where he did not know where his ended and hers began. He stroked her hair, then her cheeks and then finally pressed his lips against hers while she smiled; she always smiled when he did this. It had been 4 years since and she never failed to smile when I kissed her. She asked me again, ” Tell me something Beautiful. I want to know what you think is Beautiful.”

He sighed and whispered, “You.”

She shivered. She never did acknowledge her beauty. She never did look into the mirror and see what I saw and that was one of the most saddening things ever. I wanted her to see what i saw. I wanted to give her my eyes and my heart and to see the things that I saw and feel the things that I feel when I do see her.

I began running my fingers through her hair while she hummed softly. She put her hands through my hair and somehow we fell into this beautiful silence.

I began again, i always jumped onto every opportunity to remind her that I see her, that I’m always seeing her and I’m never going to stop trying to make her see the way I see her.

I began again, “Its you, my love. You are beautiful and I will never stop saying that. Don’t ask me to stop saying it cuz I never will. Why don’t you see that every single kiss that I have placed on your body is to claim it as mine because I am scared that someone will steal you away; bit by bit BECAUSE you are so beautiful. You are constantly making my jaw drop and making me question everything that I know. You are always there, smiling with that charming smile of yours. Sometimes, I want to hide you away because I feel like if someone sees you in all your might, they will want you almost as much as I do and I can’t for the life of me let that happen. So its you, You are a beautiful thing.. You are my beautiful thing.”



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