If You Could See That I’m the One Who Understands You; been here all Along. (Her) 

I was there today, just like I was there every other day. I was doing all the things that were expected of me. I was laughing at the right times, I was nodding when needed, I was apologizing, consoling, giggling and doing everything that I hadbeen doing  for the past coupleof  months or so. But my eyes just wouldn’t cooperate anymore. 

They were looking for him. Always looking for him. On entering this giant room, I always felt so belittled. I felt small and minute and looking at him.. Looking For him made me want to wrap myself around him and not feel little and alone anymore. 

He had the most compassionate eyes which I had had the pleasure of meeting only a bunch of times.. Sadly, the samecouldn’t  be said about meeting Him.  I had summoned the courage a billion times. I had even stopd behind him, trying to give the words in my throat a voice. But somehow, I always found myself fumbling and backing away. He had such a strong aura around him. He seemed so put together, so .. content with the way that he was. And I could never get past how foolish he’d think I was if he knew me. 

We had seen each other in these extravagant parties quite often but never said a word to one another. Little did he know, that I wanted to exchange about a gazillion words per minute, to him. I wanted to talk and laugh and smile at him forever.  I could picture us, sitting on the carpeted floor in a little corner, against a wall and talkkng for hours and hours about anything under the sun. I could see Us.. Him and I together. 

I wish our eyes would meet once again, and when they do, I hope they do the talking for me. I hope they tell you that I’m waiting for you. I’m wishinh that you come over here and sweep me away into the little library in the attic and you tell all your fears and doubts. I hope you tell me about your mother and your first high school sweetheart. I hope you look into my eyes and tell me that you’ve been pining over me like I have for you. 
Tell me that this could be real.. That this IS real. 


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