All These Times are Hard and They’re Making Us Crazy. (Her)

He hadn’t called her once since he left. He didn’t contact any of her friends or even try to make amends. He walked away like it was his own goddamn right. She couldn’t believe that she was going through this. She didn’t know how she summoned the energy to ever get back up again. She didn’t know how her prince charming had left her feeling like a damsel in distress. He was supposed to rescue her and he left her stranded in that high tower.

And for the first time in a long time she realised that she had relied on someone else to be her hero for far too long. She had forgotten that she had the ability to summon  all the power she needed to be her hero. She realised that no matter who it was, people would always let you down and it would hurt as you grew up because you do everything in your power to not get hurt and to only put your heart in a certain few’s fragile hands and they always, always dropped it. So she decided that this time was the last time that she would let anyone walk over her, through her, like she didn’t matter at all. She would establish that she was everything that she needed to be without anyone and only then would she allow into her life. And if anyone cannot understand that, they deserved be on the other side of the door.

And then there was banging. Loud banging. Someone was anxious to get in. Who was it this time? Someone from a new book or the recurring characters?



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