You Better Run. 

Run. Run as fast as you can and as far away as you can. I know that everyone says that you can’t run away from your feelings and your heartbreak and the betrayal and the Truth. Oh the haunting truth and the dirty little secrets that the truth unveils.

But I refuse to agree. Run. Run from it all and when you can’t run anymore. Hide. Hide from everyone who thinks that it is going to get better and experiences like these only teach you to be more cautious next time.  Because no matter how much they think they know and no matter what they have been through, what you are going through right now is the greatest struggle of all. And at the moment, you are entitled ro running away and hiding from the world. As cowardly as it may seem, you need to do this for yourself. You need to let this feeling sink in and feel the taste of the betrayal. That the truth, as much as it may hurt; it can never stay hidden for long. That the life you once saw yourself living, isn’t possible anymore. That you will possibly take forever to recover from the trauma that you have been through.

And to do this, you need to run away. You need to run away and make up your mind. Decide what comes next. Get your priorities straight and start all over again. And to do so, running away is essential. You can either do it when the wounds are fresh and the cuts are open, or you can do this when you have decided that you need to build yourself up again from the ground and the only way to do so is taking some time off.

So I say Run.


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