They don’t know about Us. 

“We dont have to be vile and toxic and poisonous and infectious. We dont have to be metastasizing like a tumor, spreading like a terminal disease. You know, we could be like the thousand others before us who fell in love. Why doesn’t anyone see that?” 

“Well, Maybe its because, they know better. They know that love.. It doesn’t last. Maybe that is why they want to warn you. Protect you.. Shelter you from all the heartbreak and the years of emotional pain you have to go through before you can learn to stand on your own two feet.” 

“But why would I want it to be painless? Why would I want the best experience of my life to come with all things good? Beacause when its all too good, whats the point? What’s the point when its all presented on a silver platter with neat little handkerchiefs and cutlery andshiny ornaments   and beautiful hydranges and a massive chandelier illuminating the whole room when I could have a rusty old cabin and work my way upwards. When I could celebrate every little victory and every huge downfall. When I could rise and fall with the one I love and fear absolutely nothing.. But everything. The rush.. The blood coursing through my veins.. My heart beating faster than usual. That is what I want.. Forever.

And they can label it whatever they want to, but really if Im being honest, Love is all of that. 

Whoever said it was Roses and Rainbows and Star lit skies and butterflies  and beautiful mountains was probably in love for far lesser than I have been and let me tell you, Its so much more.” 


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