A Force to be Reckoned With. 

There are dreams in her head and in her body relies the power and the courage and the determination to make the dreams of Yesterday, the Reality of Tomorrow. She is blazing with Fire and Thunder and you can try to shoot her down but she will get back up and come back again and again.

You can tell her to stop and show her the easier way and you can try to talk her out of whatever reckless decision that she is making and she will do it anyway. Because at least that way, this is on her. That she is responsible for all her actions. She is accountable for her decisions and she is ready to take that on her.

So why do you want to be in her crosshairs? Why do you wanna extinguish her flame? Why can’t you let her make her mistakes and her choices and let her face her truths and demons?

Because I sure as hell know that she is strong enough.


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