I’m Breaking Free.

I’d like to think that we are two people cut from the same cloth, destined to be on the same path and eventually find pieces of each other some where on our way. That we are two people who are supposed to come together time and time again. That life will throw us in situations where we meet at the most unexpected places. That we will pick up where we left off, like we were never apart. That the universe is forever conspiring to align our paths in order to see the fireworks and the magic that surrounds us. That when we are together, we are both twice the people than when we are alone. That, we can try to escape the massive void that builds when we are apart, only to realize that we can never go on like that for too long.

But we aren’t and sadly, we never will be. Because there is only so much heartbreak a heart can take. There’s only so many sleepless nights one can spend, sobbing and screaming and cursing their existence. There’s only so many times that smiling through the pain is possible. And I’ve done my time. I’ve had my quota of sadness and misery. I’ve had enough nights pining over you. I’ve written enough sad poetry about you. My words deserve better. These words deserve to express something other than sadness. Sad words may make for the best poetry but they make for miserable poets. And I’m through being one of them.

I am giving myself the freedom to be happy. To break free of your chains and all the restraints that bind me to you. I am burning all the words that I wrote for you because my words deserve to be written about rain and storms and beautiful forests and mountains and houses with glass walls from the ceiling to the floors. They won’t be about you anymore. They will be about me and I hope that you see this and know that it is YOU that I am breaking free from. I want you to know that this is for me and I hope you understand that I will never make it about you anymore; I deserve to direct the attention towards myself. I hope you’re okay with that and even if you’re not; this is your problem now. I no longer belong to you.


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