It’s Time to Begin.

Stop whining. Stop complaining. Stop looking down on yourself. Stop thinking that you are less than. Stop trying to change the person that is in the mirror. Stop finding things about yourself and thinking that they aren’t  “good enough”. Stop altering yourself to be better for someone else. Stop smoothening your edges. Stop trying to fit into someone else’s definition of who or what you should be. Stop bending and remoulding yourself in order to satisfy someone else’s needs. Stop looking for a different you because the You that you are is the greatest You that has ever walked this planet.. in fact the only you. Why are you so adept on changing that. Why you want to change anything about yourself at all? At any time? Why is it important for someone to see an altered, an edited version of who you are? Why can they not accept the raw and reeling version of who you are? And if they cannot, why change yourself? Why try so hard to get someone’s else approval and validation on who you are?


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