What doesn’t Kill You makes You Stronger. 

I believe that we are all supposed to be at our worst at some point in our lives. The lowest that there has been. A point where you look back and recount all the days when you felt like it couldn’t get any worse than that but it did and you realized that all of those times are past you and the horrible phase that you are living in is the ultimate worst. That you can never be this sad or broken or completely shattered on the inside and out. At that point everything seems to be going south. Absoultely everything is in shambles. Your whole life lies  ahead of you and it seems that nothing has ever been worth it. 

There will be a moment as such and you will feel like this is the end. That this is it and that this is as bad as it gets. 

And then something ridiculous happens .. You realize that that is exactly what you felt during all those previous times. You felt like that was that and you were done. But here you are staring at yet another problem and once again never realizing that you got out of every single one of those not entirely unscathed but pretty well. 

How do you fail to see this .. Time and time again how do you fail to acknowledge the beautiful creation that you truly are. That you are built for obstacles as big as the tsunami and for hurdles as high as the Himalays. That you are glorious and you can deal with your problems in their own time and solve them. That you are able. You are able and you are strong and you are courageous and you are brave. 

These arent just adjectives. These are all the words that come to my head when I think of you. Why can’t you see that when you look into the mirror? 

So know that there is no problem sent upon you that you weren’t built to deal with. No difficulty and no obstacle hard enough for you not to overcome. 


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