Life Lessons #1

Say it. Everything that you have been mashing down and trying so hard to keep within you. Say that you’re Sorry or say that you most definitely aren’t. Say that you tried and failed and you are constantly trying or say that after everything that you have endured and done, that You cannot keep trying anymore. Say it. Say it out loud and don’t run away from it. You are who you are and you are exactly where you are supposed to be now. So stop running from it. Say that you couldn’t be there for someone when they needed you. Or say that you cannot  stay because you have stayed for far too long and now it isn’t working out anymore. Because you need to put yourself first, for once in your life. You love someone? Tell them. They deserve to know that they are loved and if life is really good to you and it really feels like its in the mood to offer you the greatest thing you have ever known; they will Love you back.. Hopefully with the same magnitude if not more. If you don’t love someone who loves you.. well then the one thing that life comes with a description for is that it will be hell and it will be hard and most times you will want to pause and stay there standing.. and you will never want to start again. And for a while, you will probably be doing that. But as long as you can find a way to start crawling.. taking little steps; You are doing okay. So if you can’t reciprocate someone’s feelings for them, tell them sooner rather than later because as much as they deserve to know that they are loved, they also deserve to know that they aren’t.. because if there’s anything worse than rejection, its the feeling after rejection, where you still lead them on with an inkling of hope that this all may someday turn out the way they want it to.

Say it all. Say it before life comes tumbling down and you regret not saying things that you should’ve or things that you could’ve prevented. Say it and stand by and watch the consequences of your actions and hold yourself accountable for your responsibilities and mistakes.


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