I Want it All.

I can’t be away from you anymore. I can’t stand you looking at him. I can’t stand you both in your little bubble. You are supposed to be with me. You are supposed to breathe the same air as I do. We are supposed to be wrapped in the covers on lazy Saturday mornings. Laughing and kissing somewhere in between being asleep and awake. I want it All. I want it all and everything and I only want it with you.

I want the sight of you when I wake up and only Your arms around me when I go to sleep. I want to come to a home that smells like you and that has you curled up on the couch with your mug of hot chocolate and a book that you have probably read more times then you can remember. I want that burnt food and that pizza that you ordered for backup. I want your little dance parties and your karaoke nights. I want you on the days when your feet don’t stay on the floor; the days when all you want to do is dance and sing and let the world that nothing can hurt you today. That today, you are invincible to all of its traps and nasty little schemes. Those infectious days when everyone around has a smile reaching their ears. I want you on the days when you would do anything to stay in bed and sob to yourself. I want to hold you close to me on those days and whisper nothing in your hair. I want your frail hands and your messy hair and your slightly bumpy nose and your misty eyes. I want you everyday. I want what we had back.

Can you give it to me again?


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