Bad Romance.

Oh, Honey we are all hopeless romantics when it comes to Love. No matter what kind of love it may be but we are always looking for opportunities to make love last. To make this one time the ‘Forever’. We can deny it all we want. We can blow it off and act like love doesn’t exist anymore and that having someone who can tolerate our crazy selves is all we need and some days we end up believing our bullshit as much as we try to make everyone think that that is ALL we need. But who are we kidding?

We want the big, romantic, candy, sugar coated, Valentine’s Day kind of love. We want the kind of love that somehow always keep happening to Katherine Heigl and Taylor Swift. We want the kind of sleepless nights that are only a result of the giddiness in the toes and that light up the world kind of love. We want a whirl winding kind of love that has no bounds and knows no ends. This world and the next and the next is nothing if it isn’t with that One.

We don’t just need someone to ‘Tolerate’ our flaws and our mistakes and our tear stained face. No. We want someone who knows them and accepts them and loves them altogether. Who doesn’t ask what happened but just holds you close because thats all we need. Someone to come home to and fall in their arms. Someone who doesn’t ask questions until you are ready to talk. Someone who thinks that your flaws are nothing but Beautiful and only Human. Someone who comes with their own baggage and their shortcomings and you know exactly why they are what they are. Someone who is ready to take the big leap and the baby steps. Someone who is ready for the worst and has your back at all times. Someone who is ready for the rises and falls and the mishaps and the late night arguments and the food fights and the ridiculous conversations at 2 am just because it is You they are doing it all with.

We are all slaves when it comes to the matters of the heart.


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