That Should Be Me. 

I saw you. I saw you laughing with him like you used to laugh with me. I saw you. I saw you staring into his eyes.. Looking for something. Were you looking to find pieces of me? Were you looking for the familiarity that you had grown so used to? Were you hoping against hope that you would find more of Me in Him than you’d like to admit?

I saw you. I saw you holding his hand like it was the most normal thing in the world. Like when the wind comes and russtles all that it surrounds. You always wait for the trees to start dancing and for the  flowers to sway with a melody of their own. You always know that wind comes with a little bit of a chaos of its own. Just like that. You entwined fingers with his and thats what It felt like. Like you were holding hands before you were even communicating. Did we have that?

I saw you.. I saw you crying after you got back home. And I saw him hold you close. I saw him wrap you in his arms and making you safe. And I remembered all the long nights we spent entangled in each other’s arms.

Admist all this I also saw that the reasons that I should leave,once again outweighed the reasons that should stay.

And even though it should be Me that you should be doing all these things with.. I just can’t watch you get hurt and be the reason behind it anymore.


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