We’ll Do it All, Anything.

So many feelings. So many thoughts. So many words. So much took up the little space I had left in my heart and you took it all. You took what little of me was left and made a little too much room for yourself in that tiny little space and you fit right in. Just like a sock. You were there and it felt like you were always meant to be. It didn’t even feel like you had come in, it felt like some dormant part of you was always here, just waiting to be awakened; just like my senses.

You came with a sense of being. With the sole purpose of making me realize that this was all that I was missing out on if I didn’t start right now. You came and shook me. It was like spraying coffee all over the graveyard just to wake the dead. It felt like the sun had come out after the longest monsoon. It felt like.. it felt like I was always supposed to be feeling this way; but somehow held myself back from being this happy.. from being content with my being.  The scariest thing of all was that you felt more like home than anyone else had.

Is that how everyone else feels? Because I feel like my feelings were a tad bit stronger that everyone before me. The spring in my foot was a little bit higher and the twinkle in my eyes could easily be used by a photographer for flash purposes. I felt like the world through my eyes had been a little bit magnified.

I know , I know. This sounds like everyone out there. But you don’t understand. This came into my life when everything was falling apart and do you know what it felt like perpetually asking myself that was it even possible to falling in love with someone when almost all of my world was falling apart. But all I got was my heart beating faster and my mind losing complete control over all its actions and my heart just working with a will of its own.

And it was magical. It was enchanting. It was better. The whole world seemed to be in on this feeling with me but somehow it was my little secret at the same time. and that was the beauty; being able to share it with everyone but also being able to hold You against my chest in complete solidarity.

I don’t know if I can ever move past this.. But I know for a fact that I sure as hell don’t want to.


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