We Keep This Love in a Photograph.

And it all happened in a flash; in the blink of an eye. we were laughing. I was looking up with my mouth wide open; my smile breaking out into a laugh and my laugh turning into a hysterical fit. You were looking at me, smiling. You knew. You knew before I did. You knew that our eyes had met before and they will meet each other again and again. They were destined to look into each other and find little bits and pieces of one another we didn’t even know existed, let alone had given them away.

You looked at me like you could see the next 10 years. This, right here right now was the real deal.  The kind of feeling authors write in the most heart wrenching books, trying so hard to put the thousand heartbeats and the million stolen glances into words that could be understood by a layman. The kind of feeling we sometimes wait a whole life time to find; you found it in me and you knew this was to be treasured. this was the kind of the feeling that never did quite fade away; no mater how hard you try to fight it. No matter how far you run away; this feeling is never quite gone.

Your heart never fails to skip a beat when I enter a room or when i say your name. Your lips never fail to slightly smile when you see me, brushing hair out of my eyes, or rolling my eyes. You never fail to see through my smile. You never fail to understand that something is on my mind. You know the crinkle between my eyebrows when something has my attention. You never fail to understand that I am human and I am flawed and i am trying. I am trying everyday. I am trying to be a better person that yesterday. You never fail to call me and check up on me. You know me like the back of your hand. You will find me in the darkest hour and hold my hand in yours and just like that I would know that nothing will every feel more like home than that one simple gesture.

It was all in that one picture. We knew that You and I could never exist as two different individuals anymore. I began where you ended.  We were now two units existing as one. . We decided that this was a feeling too strong to fight. This would be defying every supernatural force which is trying to get us together.

And just like that, that photograph was etched into our memory. large


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