Its a Paradise and Its a Warzone. 

I understand that pain comes in waves; just like memories do. Pain comes in intervals. Pain comes right when you think you are done experiencing the horrific feeling of being reminded of the past, pain decides to pay another visit. 

I realized that pain is not always bad. That pain can put things back into perspective. It can remind us of the people we need when we are in pain and of every moment before that one, the good moments that somehow always seem to resurface right when you are in pain. And that is good because then just like in the past, we will get out of this suffering. We will see the light at the end of the tunnel or sometime even farther beyond. No, we do not come out unscathed and alive. A little part of us is left behind.. A little part of us is lost in that misery. A little hope dies inside of us. And little bitterness arises. But these are not your battle scars, these are your trophies. These are your shields and your weapons. These are all things that will make your journey henceforth easier; atleast relatively. 

And sometimes these can also be reminders. Reminders of the crucial times before .. Reminders of how we crossed those burning bridges or a reminder of who we were with. 

And I swear It will get easier. It will. But pain never stops and that is just something we have to learn to bear. 


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