With You, I’m Alive. 

Hush now. There’s no need to rush this. We can take this slow or we can take this fast. We can do whatever feels right. Right.. The sound of that word is new. 
But new.. Thats what I’ve been waiting for. Something new. Somethingthat hasn’t   dominated my life. Something that will hit me out of nowhere and sting me right where it hurts. New, as in something that has never existed in my life before you came along. 

Like a blast of colours and a thousand symphonies. Like a rainy day followed by a double rainbow. Or like that one perfect day between spring and summer. That one misty day right before December. Like that one stormy night we all chose to stay in but would love to be out. You were my storm and you will always be my storm. And this storm is constantly raging and changing and throwing a new hurdle at me everyday. This storm is forever shaking the ground beneath me and the roof above me. But this is that something that no one ever tells you about.  

 The constant shaking and the shivering and the feeling of being right on the edge of a cliff. Every moment feels like Im on a cliff. And you know what?

I’d jump off that cliff with your hand in mine Any goddamn day. 


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