Somewhere in Never Land🛣

Lets take a trip. Lets throw in the first things we see in a rucksack and not look back. Get our shades on and start driving.  

 Lets not tell anyone. Lets turn off our phones for a bit and soak in each other’s company. Lets listen to whatever crap the radio has on and lets learn the words to these songs. Lets scream at the top of lungs with the words we do and dont know. Lets laugh at the silliest jokes and have smiles that linger on for far longer. Lets have gas stops where we stock up with junk and nothing to actually eat. Lets roll down our windows, letting the wind beat against our faces. Let the moonlight guide us to our destination; wherever that may be. 

Lets get lost for a bit and have a mini panic attack and then lets continue getting lost; but this time, enjoying every bit of it. Lets experience these little joys with each other; hand in hand throughout.  

 Lets hold on tight. Hold on to each other and head in to oblivion. Lets escape this silly world with its silly people for a bit and savour all that we can. 

Lets eat crappy food and laugh about it anyway. Lets love. Love so deeply and so passionately that we forget what era we are in. Lets love with tiny acts or grand gestures. Lets fall in love over and over again. With the way I snore or with the way you eat. With the way I can talk endlessly and you can listen quietly or with the way you can caress my arm and make my whole body shiver. 

  Lets sleep in. Sleep in the back of the truck or in a ratty, old motel. Lets cuddle and fall asleep. No words said. Lets wake up to the rays of sunlight; no alarms needed. Lets drink coffee and head on. Lets start a new day holding new adventures. 

Lets take pictures. Tons of them. Loads and loads. Of every little moment. And not with those smart phones; NO. Lets get the camera to use. Lets capture that smile that reaches your eyes and makes your eyes go small. Lets capture that little bug that crawled into the car or that time that you spilled coffee all over you. Or the time when we ran out of gas or when I had left my socks in the motel. Lets capture everything and anything. That foggy day or that rainy evening. Lets leave nothing for the imagination. Lets save it all and look at these 3 years from now and laugh about it all. 

Lets Go To NeverLand. 



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