Let Me Light Up the Sky, Light it Up For You. Let Me Tell You Why, I would Die For You. 💫

“No, You listen. Listen very carefully because I dont do this.. Actually, No.  I cant do this. I hardly ever do this. It is one of the hardest things for me to come out and accept that I was wrong. To put my feelings into an apology and an apology into an action which will hopefully move toward reconciliation. But listen. Please listen carefully. Im not very good at this. 

I have been trying. I have been trying to be the person that everyone expects me to be. I have been trying to sort this hurricane inside of me and come out of it in one piece. I have been trying to tame my inner demons. Believe me, I have. 

I have been trying to tell you how I feel about you. I have been trying to put every heart beat, every touch, every whisper into words that you can decipher. I have been trying to make you understand just how much you mean to me. I have been trying to tell you that this is a Galaxy that you have given me. You have looked at me with stars in your eyes searching for the constellation within me. You have looked deep into this rugged soul and found the pieces that I didnt even know I had hidden away. You have worshipped this body like none other. You have had me in your prayers without even realizing that you were doing it everyday. You have seen me at my darkest and enveloped me in your moonlight. You have shone upon me what was left of your light; just to illuminate every inch of me. You have lit me up. You have set fire to my soul and left it burning. You have awakened my senses. I am constantly touching and feeling and breathing a new air. A new beginning.  

 And I dont know how else to tell you that this; this that you have given me is worth more than a thousand kisses and a thousand diamonds. This, what you have given me is timeless; is Beyond Forever. We will die but this fire shall forever burn.

And for this, I am eternallygrateful to YOU.”

He breathed heavily. He was speechless. He was in a trance, hyponitized by what he had just heard.

And then it dawned on him; This is Love. 


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