I will Walk 500 Miles and I will Walk 500 More. 

As we made our way back, all we could think  was; ‘How much longer now?’ How much longer until we finally see the horizon.. The end to this magnificent beginning. The end to the suffering and the pain. The end to this perpetual emotional turmoil and an end to this petty misery. An end to the self pity we constantly have and an end to all that bad that came with this journey. 

What we dont realize is that this would be yet another end to alot of beautiful things. This would be an end to a whole lot of good things that we so often neglet. We take the happy moments for granted and we never realize this laughter or that incident can be something that crumbles us to pieces once it’s all over. 

Every so often, we need to step back and look at the bigger picture being painted as we live our lives. And every so often,  we need to take a step closer and look for our next step; take some closure. Make a little detour or make a giant leap. Make changes and make decisions while keeping in mind to keep the more important things constant.  



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