Thinking of You.

And then I realized that I had dedicated too much of “me” to him and that feared me more than anything. Because you can lose places and people and memories and things but losing yourself is the scariest of all. Because how do you get back pieces of yourself that you; at that time, were so willing to give up? 

How do you ask the heart breaker to separate me from you and give it all back. And when you do get ‘you’ back, they are all stained with Him. His footprints are everywhere. His voice echoes in the deepest corners of your heart. His touch is imprinted. And his scent is forever locked. And all of these little things are now on you, Forever. 

I want me back from you. I want my whole parts before I met you and I want them all. Take your scent and your voice and your laughter. Take it to someone who is tough enough to watch you leave or better yet, take it to someone you wont leave. 

Because I cant afford to lose more of me to anyone.  



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