All You Had to Do Was Stay.

It is a well known fact that at some point in our lives we will be deceived, let down and feel the lowest. Feel beneath everyone and everything else . We seem to fail at every little thing we initiate. It all comes crumbling after.  

 And that is when all we wish for is to numb these feelings. Numb these feelings that are taking up the sum of our entire being. Slowly eating away all the good bits and leaving us to mourn with the ugly. 

So the real question here is, how do you come out of that storm? How do you be brave enough to face the storm head on in the first place? Do you let everyone around see the hell you’re going through? Or do you put on a strong suit and let them think you’re invincible? Or do you just go into a corner and rock yourself to sleep.. Because dont we all deserve an ‘off day’, a ‘free pass’? A day or a thing that we are allowed to do or have by ourselves without having to worry about what everyone else would think?  

 Here’s what my answer to this: You Deal. You can do all the above in a chronological order and I wont judge you but what I will judge you for is if you decide to STOP right there. Right in the eye of the hurricane you just decide to close your eyes and let it take over. When you decide that you aren’t good enough to take the lead in your life and that you’d rather Stop or Worse; have IT control YOU thats when I will judge you and I will hold this against you. 

Because you can cry and yell and break things and go on long walks or even disappear for a bit. But all I ask of you is to Always return and face the thunder and the lightning and the hail storms. 

I ask you to Deal with whatever curveball life has to throw at You.  



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