He Makes Me Wanna Oh Oh Oh🎶

“You don’t have to do everything that you do for him you know” She said to her Bestfriend. 

She replied, “I dont do anything because I am obligated to. I do it because he makes me happy. No, he makes me Ecstatic. Thats all I can think about him. When I am with him, all I can about is how happy he makes me and when I am not, All I can think about is how Happy I AM. He makes me wanna jump out of bed every morning; not just get up. He makes me wanna smile at random strangers and go do a nice thing. He makes me wanna TRY. Make an Effort with People. To be nice to my foes and to be Kind and Humble to my Friends. He makes me wanna cook Dinner and dance to country music. He makes me wanna take care of myself; because above all that’s what he cares about. ME. 

Why wouldn’t I wanna do everything in my power to make that One Man who makes me wanna Live Better Happy? Why wouldn’t I wanna try and make him half as happy as he makes me?” 


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