Call Me Maybe? 

Please call me in the middle of the night and tell me about your nightmare. Tell me how much it frightened you to think of the monsters out there to get you. Right after, I want you you to laugh out loud and ask me questions about the Universe and its Conspirations to get us together. 

Please call me from a restaurant and tell me how delicious the sea bass is and how much you miss my company. Please order dessert for me and savour it. 

Please call me from your childhood home and tell me about that one day when you scraped your knee or when you first kicked a ball and realized this game lifts your heart and makes you want to go to dangerous ends just to succeed. 

Please call me from your sister’s wedding and tell me all about the ladies teasing you about your marriage. Tell me you can’t wait to see me in that dress; in front of all our family and friends, accepting me truly and completely. 

Please don’t hold back any of these calls.


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